Touchstone Awards Announced

In October, the Press Club of Toledo was proud to announce the winners of the Touchstone Awards.  The awards were presented at the 20th Touchstone Award Ceremony, held at The Toledo Club.

As always, it was an inspiring night to be part of the Toledo media.  Toledo native and CNN Congressional Correspondent Phil Mattingly gave a great keynote address about his career and his experiences covering the 2016 campaign.

The Press Club was also proud to bestow honors for service to the community as well as for professional excellence in journalism.  Honorary awards were selected by the Press Club of Toledo.  Journalism and media awards were selected by a committee of representatives of the Press Club of St. Louis.

The Press Club of Toledo congratulates all the winners, along with thanking Dana, The Blade, and Communica, who were the corporate sponsors of Touchstone.

Lifetime Award
Jon Hendricks
Mike Gibbons

Contributor Award
George Kral

Golden Touchstone
Sharon Lange

Print Non-Daily
Athena Cocoves, Adams Street Publishing

Print Daily
Nolan Rosenkrans, The Blade

Tim Miller, WTOL

Brad Creswell, WGTE

The Blade, NewsSlide

Student Print
Stepha Poulin

Scholarship Winners
Stepha Poulin, BGSU
Anthony Garcia, UT

All Nominees
Justin Billau
Timothy Miller
Hannah Finnerty
Stepha Poulin
Brianna Scebbi
Meredith Siegel
Brad Cresswell
Haley Taylor
The Blade
Nolan Rosenkrans
Michael Pierce
Athena Cocoves
Kelly Thompson
Sean Nestor
Erin Holden
Sam Koros
Kimberly Feldkamp
Erin Marsh
Lauren Lindstrom
Allison Dunn
Taylor Freyer
Tommie Gallagher
Ryan Dunn