Touchstone Contributor Award: Wendi Huntley

The Press Club is proud to honor Wendi Huntley with a Touchstone Contributor Award. This award is given to a member of our community who has made a significant contribution to our region in the past year.

Wendi Huntley is the Executive Director of Connecting Kids to Meals, an organization that provides vital nutrition to children in our region.

On March 12, when Ohio Governor Mike DeWine announced the temporary closure of all K-12 schools, the rug was pulled out from under many kids and families.

For many, lunches that are normally provided during in-person school days were the only meals they would receive all day. These kids count on eating at school.

Under Ms. Huntley’s leadership, Connecting Kids to Meals responded in this hour of need, providing food kits for kids to get them through remote school weeks. Approximately 5,000 students participated in weekend meal pick-ups each week.

The Press Club thanks Wendi Huntley for her contributions to this region.