Beyond George Floyd Pressing Issues a Success!

Thank you everyone for the wonderful Pressing Issues Virtual Town Hall which was held last night.  It was a huge success.  Over the course of the night, more than 70 people were online and they represented all elements of our community. 

What they heard was insightful and inspiring.  Our panelists provided a rich description of the challenges they face, including–but not limited to–the under-representation of minorities across the newsroom.  The Press Club of Toledo thanks them for their time and their willingness to share their wisdom and experience.

We have received great feedback for people who were in attendance.  This is a good example of what the Press Club exists to do.  Together, we can elevate our profession and our community.

We will be in touch soon with information on our next pressing issues.  In the meantime, if you’d like to help us provide more programming like this, please consider joining the Press Club of Toledo.  The cost for a new membership is only $30.